I. store store 1 [stɔː ǁ stɔːr] noun [countable] COMMERCE
1. a large place that sells many different kinds of goods on several different floors, or goods in large quantities:

• Most high street stores hold sales in January.

• The firm has over 800 stores in Britain.

• a London furniture store

• He left the company to join a US stores group.

ˌcash-and-ˈcarry ˌstore COMMERCE
a very large shop where customers representing a business or organization can buy large quantities of goods at cheap prices
ˈchain store
one of a group of shops in different towns or cities that are all owned by one organization and sell the same products:

• In the city centre, there is a pedestrianised shopping area with all your favourite chain stores.

deˈpartment store COMMERCE
a large shop that is divided into separate departments, each selling a different type of goods:

• Most large department stores now offer in-house credit cards.

ˈdiscount store COMMERCE
a shop selling goods at much lower prices than elsewhere
ˈmultiple store
COMMERCE another name for a chain store
2. a place where goods are sold to the public; = SHOP:

• a liquor store

• a book store

conˈvenience store COMMERCE
a shop where you can buy food, alcohol, magazines etc, especially one that is open for 24 hours every day:

• the neighborhood convenience store

co-ˈoperative store also co-ˈop COMMERCE
a shop owned and run by a group of people as a co-operative; = co-operative shop Bre
ˈdime store COMMERCE
a shop that sells many different kinds of cheap goods, especially for the house:

• Dime stores will always thrive if the location is right and the rent stays reasonable.

ˈdrive-in store also ˈdrive-up store
COMMERCE a shop where people can do their shopping without getting out of their cars
ˈgeneral store COMMERCE
a shop that sells a wide range of foods and goods, especially one in a small town in the US — see also drugstore
3. a large building in which goods are stored so they can be used or sold later; = WAREHOUSE:

• a grain store

4. a supply of something that you keep to use later:
general store of

• A 600-million barrel store of crude oil rests underground in Texas and Louisiana.

  [m0] II. store store 2 verb [transitive]
1. also store away to put things away and keep them until you need them:

• Stationery should be stored in a clear and dry cupboard or stockroom.

• Goods are also stored on the warehouse floor, by high-rise stackings.

2. COMPUTING to keep information on a computer or disk:

• Standard letters can be stored on floppy disks.

• All the sales data is stored on a CD-Rom.

* * *

store UK US /stɔːr/ noun [C]
UK COMMERCE a large building where you can buy many types of goods: »

The DIY store group has expanded steadily in several main cities.


The economic crisis forced the closure of their flagship store.


At present, only 6.5% of the group's store managers are women.

Compare CASH-AND-CARRY(Cf. ↑cash-and-carry) adjective, MEGASTORE(Cf. ↑megastore), SUPERSTORE(Cf. ↑superstore)
COMMERCE a place where people go to buy things: »

We failed to get the right products into the right stores.


a grocery/hardware/record store


an online store

See also SHOP(Cf. ↑shop) noun
a large building where things are kept until they are needed: »

a grain/weapons store

[usually plural] a supply of something that is being kept so it can be used later: »

Gold remains one of the most reliable stores of wealth.

See also APP STORE(Cf. ↑app store), BOOKSTORE(Cf. ↑bookstore), CHAIN STORE(Cf. ↑chain store), CONSIGNMENT STORE(Cf. ↑consignment store), CONVENIENCE STORE(Cf. ↑convenience store), COOPERATIVE STORE(Cf. ↑cooperative store), DEPARTMENT STORE(Cf. ↑department store), DESTINATION STORE(Cf. ↑destination store), DIME STORE(Cf. ↑dime store), DISCOUNT STORE(Cf. ↑discount store), DRIVE-IN STORE(Cf. ↑drive-in store), DRUGSTORE(Cf. ↑drugstore), GENERAL STORE(Cf. ↑general store), GIFT SHOP(Cf. ↑gift shop), IN-STORE(Cf. ↑in-store), MULTIPLE STORE(Cf. ↑multiple store), POP-UP STORE(Cf. ↑pop-up store), RETAIL STORE(Cf. ↑retail store), SAME-STORE(Cf. ↑same-store), TEN-CENT STORE(Cf. ↑ten-cent store), VARIETY STORE(Cf. ↑variety store)
store UK US /stɔːr/ verb [T ]
to put or keep something somewhere until it is needed: »

The fire damaged over 80% of the stock stored in the warehouse.


Carbon dioxide produced when burning coal can now be stored underground rather than released into the atmosphere.

IT to keep information, music, etc. on a computer: »

The system allows users to retrieve e-mail stored on a remote server.

digitally/electronically stored »

MP3 technology allows a large amount of music to be electronically stored in a relatively compact space.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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